Aslam Kamal

Aslam Kamal is the versatile painter who has made the valuable Pakistani contribution of Khat-e-Kamal, an
absolutely unique modern style that he has pioneered, to the tradition of Islamic calligraphy. In painting for
posterity the works of Iqbal and Faiz, both poets for all ages he has brought the Pakistani fine arts to the
global arts and literature scene. Aslam Kamal’s painting style is so distinctive that according to discerning
critics none of his works would ever be at a risk of being misattributed even among millions of artifacts.
Briefly listed below are some of the factors that make Aslam Kamal stand out nationally and internationally.

The poet, Aslam Kamal, says that devotion is my art and truth is my redeemer. However the painter, Aslam Kamal, is the redeemer of the Sanctity of WORD and revealer of the potency of line and form in the calligraphic paintings. The painter's devotion is manifested in the excellence of his work.

Date of Birth: 2019-05-24 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Qualification: One can make an accurate and truthful profile, only, of a static entity, which is neither moving toward higher plains nor evolving into higher forms of excellence. If a person is highly intelligent and extremely dynamic, how can one make his profile comprehensively deterministic? Further more one can make profile of an entity having limited dimensions or facets, but one is faced with a Herculean task when one wishes to make a profile of a multi-facet dynamic personality going through a self evolving progressive process, similar to the evolutionary process of LIFE Force, e.g. writing a profile of ASLAM KAMAL. ASLAM KAMAL is a genius of contemporary art scenario of Pakistan. He is a trend setter and a living legend. His figurative paintings, poetic illustrations, calligraphic works, intellectual sketches, and book dust covers are a constantly inspiring source to people of all ages, groups and callings. A keen observer can well notice all the above mentioned features and many more in his personality, during a short span of time in his company. He is more colourfull and fascinating than an imperial Chinese lantern of Tang Dynasty. He has more hues and shades than any ART MASTER or Master Piece of Art. Because of the excellence in execution and rich imagination and fascinating originality, ASLAM KAMAL's fame, as a Painter/Calligrapher and Mussawar of the poetry of Allama Iqbal, has spread far beyond the boundaries of Pakistan. He has become an international celebrity. He has exhibited his paintings, calligraphic works and poetic illustrations all over the globe, from China to Canada whilst journeying latitudinally and from Norway to Malaysia when travelling longitudinally. As a painter his achievements are admirable. Beside the brushes, the palette, the oil paints and the water colours, the normal tools of a painter, he freely uses his two special implements, namely cubism and calligraphy. The result is beguiling. His paintings hold the onlooker in an iron grip of an enchanting spell. The mysterious powers of his paintings are due to the fact that he is not only painter, but a poet and a mystic. The painter attracts the attention, the poet plays with the emotions and the mystic takes the observer beyond the appearances into the realm of the truth of the Reality. As a painter/calligrapher, his pictorial nebulas float in timelessness, display his spiritual insight and creative wisdom, show that he is an artist ahead of his time. Aslam Kamal is not only a painter but a poet as well. In his poem "Testimony", he reveals the secrets of his wisdom and insight as he says: "THIS IS THE MOMENT OF SELF SACRIFICE AND THIS IS THE CITY OF SEPARATION OF SELVES. IN THIS STREET WHERE THE FOOT PRINTS OF THE DEPARTED HAVE FADED. A FEW STEPS FURTHER ON, THE PLACE ON THE WALLS OF WHICH THERE IS THE RUST OF SOLITUDE AND ON THE DOORS WHICH THERE IS THE LOCK OF SILENCE, IS MY STUDIO IN WHICH MY DOOR OF PERCEPTION OPENS. I, ASLAM KAMAL HAVE STOOD ON ITS THRESHOLD FOR AGES. I HAVE BEEN UNFOLDING THE INTERTWINING CURRENTS OF TIME. I AM IN THE QUEST OF LOST PERSPECTIVES. THE UNIQUE TRUST OF THE DISPERSED ALPHABET OF A SACRED EPIC IS WITH ME, AND I AM THE LAST GUARD OF THE CITY OF IMMORTALITY AGAINST THE HORDES OF MORTALITY. CONVICTION IS MY POWER. DEVOTION IS MY ART AND TRUTH IS MY REDEEMER." The poet, Aslam Kamal, says that devotion is my art and truth is my redeemer. However the painter, Aslam Kamal, is the redeemer of the Sanctity of WORD and revealer of the potency of line and form in the calligraphic paintings. The painter's devotion is manifested in the excellence of his work. 1993 Pride of Performance. 1982 First prize of Calligraphic Painting by the National Council of the Arts. 1978 Gold Medal by Punjab University Culture Society. 1977 Best Illustrator of books by National Book Council of Pakistan. 1976 Best Dust-Cover Designer by National Book Council of Pakistan 1968 Best Dust-Cover Designer by Krishan Chandar International Competition, Bombay, India. 1967 Second prize all Pakistan Painting Competition, Murree. 1962 Second Prize All Pakistan Eid Greeting Card competition by Burmah Shell. Lifetime Achievement Awards Iqbal Academy Pakistan. University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan. Queen Mary College, Lahore.

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