Saba Haroon

I was born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A city with hundreds of monuments, sculptures and iconic landmarks was definitely a fascinating place to grow up in. The rich cultural heritage of old Jeddah amidst tall standing modern buildings and rich decorations made it a unique sight and definitely left an impression in my young mind. As I moved to Pakistan and it was time to choose a profession, I knew art is the place for me.
In all these years art has given me a platform to learn and express myself simultaneously. I can
experiment with various techniques, capture the flow of colors, express my emotions and craft a
masterpiece concurrently. My exposure to this experimentation occurred through a Textile
designing diploma that I completed from University of Punjab in 2007. After that I pursued Master's
degree in Fine arts from University of Punjab in 2007-2009 and later, tried my hands-on interior designing from National College of Arts. In all these years, I was lucky enough to find mentors who encouraged me to think out of the box and challenge my creativity and better explore and express my emotions on a canvas.
My thesis was also one of my first exhibitions. It was a series of images in which I portrayed my personal struggles and invaluable lessons that I learnt while navigating life. My work is also inspired by amazing artists including but not limited to my mentors like Sir Saeed Akhtar, Sir Imran Qureshi, Sir Ali Azmat and Sir Mughees Riaz.
Later on, I got opportunity to exhibit my work at various galleries for emerging young artist.
I am fortunate enough to exhibit my work once again. This time I have taken inspiration from an old Japanese legend in which origami cranes were symbolized as signs of wish fulfillment. It shows the journey from the time when catastrophe hits to the time relief comes. I have mainly experimented with fluid art technique which I believe capture the flow of colors and provide a dynamic background to the still images.
Saba Haroon
(Group shows)

1- Thesis show, Al-Hamra Gallery, Lahore - 2009.
2- Emerging Talent, VM Art Gallery, Karachi -2010.
3- Young Artists Exhibition, Al-Hamra Gallery,
Lahore - 2008.
4- Young Artists Exhibition, Al-Hamra Gallery, Lahore - 2009.
5- Artists' Association of Punjab 23rd Annual Art Exhibition, Al-Hamra Gallery, Lahore - 2018.

Date of Birth: 2018-10-27 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Qualification: Studied interior design National College of Arts Lahore

Workshops Conducted:

’Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible.”
My work is influenced by a Japanese girl named Sadako, who inspired by Senbazuru the legend, decided to fold 1000 cranes, hoping that her wish to live would come true. Senbazuru, an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the God.
In my compositions I have painted origami cranes as a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of misfortune. In resulting images, I have painted the journey of an individual, from blocked vision to clear sight, from the time of catastrophe to the time of relief, through the patience to the point of wish fulfilment.
By applying fluid art technique in few images, I have endeavored to capture the imagery of sky and ocean. The colors and effects the paint creates as it spills and meets the canvas represents the spontaneity of the moment. Fluid art opens up a world of possibilities and is definitely worth exploring.

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