Mudassar Kazmi

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, M Kazmi has been creating art all of his life. formally trained in calligraphy and oil paints by a local Calligrapher during his childhood. M Kazmi's relationship with watercolors started in 2007 when he was forced to choose a new medium in Naqsh School of Arts.he took his first watercolor instruction with the watercolorist M. Sharif, and has continued to study and experiment with the medium. Within weeks of first painting with watercolors, M Kazmi found his medium and his new voice. Years later, He developed his technique through his natural exploration of the paint and its applications.
In 2014 he graduated from university of the punjab in graphic design. "design and painting enhance each others beauty" he says "study in graphic design helped me a lot to boost up my painting skills"
Recent years have brought more honors his way.M Kazmi has won awards in more than 20 national Art competitions.His painting was published by "Harward University" as a cover on their book to represent Pakistan. In 2015 he represented Pakistan in "International Watercolor Festival" in Turkey and participated in International Watercolor Exhibition in Italy. Pakistan's longest mural (1000 meter in length) painted by him in 2015 at "Mehfooz Shaheed Garison". In 2016 he painted Pakistan's largest portrait (2100 Sq. feet)of national leader Jinnah at Jinnah Hospital, 2nd largest portrait of Pakistan was also painted by him in same year in AIMC. He has participated in many watercolor group shows in Pakistan as well.
M Kazmi lives in lahore where he enjoys the city's beautiful scenery, and historical culture. He has a variety of subjects in his paintings same as his city. For more than 2 years he has been painting plein air on beauty of river ravi, as he believe that nature is best teacher for an artist.Further he painted many cityscapes of Walled city Lahore and then he started to paint culture of Lahore which lead him to "Darbaar" and "Malang".

Date of Birth: 2018-10-27 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Qualification: Studied Graphic Design at University of the Punjab, Lahore

Workshops Conducted:

“Malangs” and watercolor has a unique similarity which fascinates me to combine them together, and it’s their rhythmic movement and flow.
I work primarily in transparent watercolor because its character allows for a
wonderful blending of spontaneity and control. As a result, my paintings are
a fusion of realistic and interpretive elements. Most projects begin with pre-
liminary sketches to determine composition, value pattern, and colors. Once
these initial decisions are in place, I follow where the watercolor leads me.
I try not to bound my colors in outlines I always enjoy the dance of water
and colors on the surface.
I paint loose, free and spontaneously, not only because it satisfies me but it also allows the viewer to involve themselves visually and emotionally in the painting. I let their imagination finish the painting while my imagination has made that possible.

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