Ali Hammad

2017 “Great Expectations” two man show in Karachi.
2016 Solo Show “ In Pursuit of light” at Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore.
2015 – Participated in the third edition of The Big Picture art exhibition.
2014 – “Temptations” group exhibition at the Gallery of light.
2012 - “Points out my life” - group exhibition, at Marsam Mattar Gallery 2011 - Group exhibition at Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi 2011 – “Reflections-27 Artists, 1 region….infinite emotions ” Group show at Golf Club, Arabian Ranches 2011 - Awarded an “Honourable Mention” in USA in an International Realism Contest online at – 2011 - Participated in a group show at Officers Club, Abu Dhabi 2011 - “Seven Perspectives” - Group display in National Theatre Abu Dhabi 2010 - Participated in Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition 2010 - Displayed in a group show with Gwynfa Gallery-Abu Dhabi 2010 - Worked as one of the portrait painters among seven from across the Middle East for the Late His Highness Sheikh Zayed Portrait Workshop under the patronage of Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed.
Compliment in an article edited by Gareth Clark for Time Out magazine -Abu Dhabi-UAE. 2008 - Displayed my paintings in an’ International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition’ at ADNEC - Abu Dhabi through Chalcedon.
2009 – “Four Corners” - Group exhibition at Acento Gallery Abu Dhabi.


Interview in the Oasis Magazine April Edition 2015.
An article “Transit hub of promise” published in Gulf News dated: 23rd March, 2012 by Megha Abraham. An article published in Al Etihad on Tuesday – 29/10/2011. An Article about Seven Perspectives Exhibition published in Al Iltehad News dated: 19th January, 2011 by Salman Kasid. Description about Seven Perspectives display in Time out - Abu Dhabi Dated: January 27-February 2nd /2011. Exhibition information about “Abu Dhabi Art Squad and Friends Art Show” at Gwynfa Gallery published in Abu Dhabi Week dated 07th-13th October, 2010 Description about “Four Corners” exhibition – Time Out Abu Dhabi – November 2009 The Art Squad Exhibition edited by Gareth Clark, published in Time Out – October 2009

Date of Birth: 1985-01-01 in Quetta, Pakistan.

Qualification: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - National College of Arts, Lahore - Pakistan.

Workshops Conducted:

Artist’s Statement

A Certain great painter had once said that a beautiful sunrise remains always beautiful for us. It simply leads one into the world of aesthetic joy, the joy that never ends. Rather its loveliness increases day by day as the time rolls on. John keats the English poet perhaps was right in saying that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. It gives us strange sensations in blood the question is what moment a certain work of art has stopped giving us joy. Music, when soft voices die, promises to live in the memory. Similarly a simple object or a moment or a sight done in a delicate way through multifarious colours gives new joy everyday. Thus the pursuit of this aesthetic pleasure led me towards, like the great masters, creating such works of art. This very fact made me to preserve that great legacy of the great painters like Sorolla, Sargent, Rembrandt, Solomon J Solomon or even Ilya Repin to follow their footsteps as their names would remain indelibly etched in the minds of the art lovers. It’s a piece of art in the shape of the great painting that promises us hope and joy in this challengeable world. A realistic art piece, with no symbolic meaning given to it, presents a simple naked beauty like that of Venus. May we say, a shot of adrenalin in the blood. Painting straight away is a problem solving activity by the time you dip your brush into the paint and apply it to the mute, blank canvas. Thus a work of art according to the Great Russian artist can be labeled as deep as the autumn leaves.

My present status as a painter entails an arduous involvement with my work well over the years. I reached to the conclusion that only hard work, and scouring the libraries on the art of painting, it certainly required a very keen observation of life and nature. It also required me to use the eye of the lynx to observe all the artwork done by the great masters, specially observing how they effected nuances in their works. The whole journey for me has been like the sailing in a paddle boat up the creek. The journey never ends for me as they say, Ars longa, vita brevis
-art is long , life is short. One lifetime is not enough to express the unending facets or possibilities this cosmos offers.

Artist List

A. Q. Arif
A. S. Rind
Abid Khan
Abrar Ahmed
A. R. Nagory
Aamir Kamal
Abdul Jabbar Gull
Abdullah Ali
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Ejaz
Akbar Hafeez
Akram Spaul
Ali Abbas
Abid Aslam
Ali Azmat
Ali Farhan
Ali Hammad
Ali Mansur
Ali Saad
Amjad ali Talpur
Amna Hashmi
Amna Ilyas
Amra Khan
Anna Molka Ahmed
Arif Khan
Asad Faruki
Saeed Akhtar
Humayun Khan
Ali Sajid
K. Mehmood
Munawar Mohiuddin
Khalid Khan - KAAY
Sarfraz Musawir
Zahid Saleem
Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi
Mashkoor Raza
Adnan Baig
Hira Siddiqui
Sana Saeed
Rizwan Ali
Muhammad Sulaman
Amir Changezi
Hala Nasir
Mudassar Kazmi
Saba Haroon
Sana Nezam
Sanam Seema Mangi
Syeda Sadaf Rizvi
Ujala Hayyat
Ali Karimi
Faiz Supro
Syed Arsalan Naqvi
Zeynab Movahed
Anjum Ayaz
Hussain Jamil
Jibran Shahid
Komal Shahid Khan
Mahrukh Bajwa
Noormah Jamal
Sana Durrani
Sidra Asim
Al Firdous
Amber Munir
Aslam Kamal
Asma Khan
Irfan Qureshi
Kashif Khan
Mudassar Ali Zaib
Muneeb Ali
Muneeb Qureshi
Rasheed Butt
Rukhsana Mehmood
Wajid Yaqoot
Zulfiqar Ali
Asim Amjad
Maliha Azami Aga
Muhammad Arshad
Brishna Amin Khan
Erum Akhtar
Hafsa Faryal Khan Kayani
Hira Zubair Ghakar
M. Mohsin Shaikh
Muzna Mahmood
Sara Akram
Shahid Malik
Shanzey Mir
Qurrat ul Ain
Nyla Talpur
Anas Ghauri
Aneela Khursheed
Arif Changazi
Ashraf Heera
Aylia Adil
Bin Qullander
Farrukh Adnan
Nageen Yousaf Chaudhry
Rabia Tariq
Rahim Baloch
Ramsha Rubbani
Salman Hunzai
Tayyab Tariq
Zafar Iqbal
Zainab Mehmood
Zeeshan Ahmad
Usman Khalid
Raza Bukhari
Hussain Chandio
Akhtar Mummunka
Ayesha Farooq
Ayesha Butt