Sara Akram

Sara Akram was born in 1997. She is graduated in Fine Arts (Painting) from Institute of Art and Design, GC University Faisalabad in 2018. Currently she lives and practicing in Faisalabad. Mostly her work is figurative, and she loves to paint a portrait. She has experienced several mediums and techniques to come up to an outstanding result. But every experiment doesn’t always work the way we want it. After a process of experimenting she came up with mix media paintings on canvas, which best helped her to display her feelings. In addition, she enhances the color content of each canvas with touches of light and shadows by using texture and three-dimensional forms to add emphasis to the desired effect. One of the major objectives in creating her paintings is in her desire to fulfill an emotional response. She believes that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that underneath each personality is a collective story and life energy the soul. she tries to explain the personality, story and spirit in form of drawing and painting. The faces and figures are not only portraits in the sense of capturing a likeness, but they are about capturing the essence of life one is living in the different circumstances.

Date of Birth: 1997-04-01 in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Qualification: Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (Painting) 2014 - 2018 Institute of Art & Design, G. C. University, Faisalabad

Workshops Conducted: