Rukhsana Mehmood

One cannot create but only appreciate God’s creations and His blessings. In my work, I strive to share the beauty I perceive. The magnificence that I see is my point of view; and that is what I want to share with people around me.
I came to the conclusion that in my work; it was a natural progression for me to move towards a more structured form of creation and to explore the idea of perfection, something that is unachievable for simple humans such as us when trying to imitate the perfection and grandeur of God Almighty.
My process of creating requires a lot research of religious texts and Urdu literature. This is where I derive my inspiration from. The resulting work usually has verses from the Quran, sayings and sometimes only illumination.

Date of Birth: 1967-04-01 in Lahore, Pakistan.

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