Rasheed Butt

Rasheed Butt, a world renowned calligrapher, started Calligraphy in 1961. He says about himself, “I am fascinated by the timeless and captivating message of the Holly Qur’an and Sunnah, It gives me much pride to know that my hand is an instrument in creating delightful expression of this Divine message. I feel honouredthat the Almighty has bestowed upon me this opportunity to spread this Divine message to audiences worldwide. My work in Islamic Calligraphy is my fate and destiny to which I have dedicated my life.” He has exhibited his work all over the globe and many of his Calligraphy masterpieces feature in museums, private collections and many monuments including the Pakistani Senate, Al-FurqanFoundation (UK), Agha Khan medical college and hospital and Mecca Gate, Saudi Arabia. Butt has been commissioned by the Prime Minister of Pakistan to create inimitable works of Islamic Calligraphy which have been presented to more than twenty heads of state in an official capacity.
Butt has worked to promote the art of Islamic Calligraphy and has many students from around the world. He first taught calligraphy on national television in 1991-1994 when he hosted his own weekly programme. He also has been the curator of national and international Calligraphy exhibitions. Butt continues to teach Islamic Calligraphy as a lecturer at the National College of Art, Fatima Jinnah Women’s University and International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Date of Birth: 1962-10-01 in Lahore, Pakistan.

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