Muneeb Qureshi

I am a fortunate descendant of a familial lineage, which has nurtured and nourished calligraphy as an art form for centuries. Having adopted and practiced the contemporary trends and experiments of the great masters of our times, I am moving steadfastly in this journey towards continuous innovation in this field. The art of calligraphy is the only true temporal custodian of aestheticism. Founded on geometrical patterns and mathematical formulations, it is justifiably termed as Geometry of the Spirit and the ascetic element of human consciousness. Steve Jobs, the charismatic leader of Apple, did not indulge in poetic hyperbole in attributing the beauty and elegance of the products of his enterprise, to the basics of the art that calligraphy represents, which largely include, the concepts of symmetry, balance and beauty that gel together to create music, both for the soul and the eyes. Calligraphy as an art form, forever ferries me to the ultimate state of ecstasy, and the unfathomable joy of spirituality. The letters and the words formed therefrom, transport humans to the magical state of rhythmic movement of these seemingly lifeless figures, to their conversion into, what Rumi would call "Raqs-e-Jaan" (the swirling of the soul). This series is essentially focused on exposition and exploration of the elemental beauty of Mother Nature, which the material pursuits of humans deprecate to a state of oblivion.

Date of Birth: 2002-09-01 in Gujranwala, Pakistan.

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