Muneeb Ali

“Words destroy, words create;
They will be all or none, as you choose.”
Whether within our own thoughts, spoken or written, letters have the powerful potential to transform the world we live in. They give expression to our lives, our souls, our deepest longings, and strongest emotions. They can stir every kind of emotion inside us. They can take us on fantastical adventures or transport us to another place. They can build us up, or tear us down. They can mend a broken heart or they can be a source of the damage in the first place. The power of letters is hard to comprehend and impossible to resist. For even one word made out of these letters can make all the difference in the world, and bring happiness or sadness depending on what it is, such is their power. Like Art, letters are an expression. These two are like forces of nature – embodiments of our emotion, our creative thought; our very ideas. The idea behind “Huroof" is to capture the beauty created by the embrace between Art and letters and to immortalize it on a canvas. This union is made possible by merging the ancient knowledge of Islamic calligraphy with the unorthodox innovations of today so that every new combination amazes and engages everyone from the casual viewer to the keen observer.

Date of Birth: 1985-03-01 in Lahore, Pakistan.

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