A. R. Nagory

1965-66: Lecturer, Dept of Fine Arts, University of Punjab, Lahore
1966-67: Head of Fine Arts, Cadet College, Kohat
1966-70: Education Officer, Pakistan Air Force
1970: Founder Head of the Dept. of Fine Art at University of Sindh, Jamshoro
1985-1995: Professor, Fine Arts, University of Sindh, Jamshoro
1983-86: Member BOG, National College of Arts, Lahore
1984-85: Member NAHE, University Grants Commission (UGC), Islamabad
1984: Chairman, Curriculum Committee, Art Teachers Training Programme, Ministry of Education, Islamabad
1997-98: Advisor, Federal College of Art and Design, Jamshoro
1996-1997: Director, Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Ministry of Culture
1998-: Member BOG, Shaukat Suriya College of Liberal Arts, Hamdard University, Karachi
1998:Member BOG, Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Ministry of Culture
1982: Anti militarism and violence exhibition
1983: Anti martial law exhibition, sponsored by Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists
1986: Anti-dictatorship Exhibition, Indus Gallery, Karachi
1988: Anti-dictatorship Exhibition, "Road to Democracy", held at Indus Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan. Reviewed by Mark Finemann of the Los Angeles Times. Painted the evils of society by evolving new alphabet symbols for children, basing them on the events which took place in preceding two years. Bomb blasts, crime, dacoities, guns, heroin, Ojhri, Kalashnikov, rape etc. became new symbols of the alphabet
1990: "I am you" Anti-violence exhibition, large hoarding for display on road side, sponsored by Deutsche Bank, participated by International Artists
1990: "Women of Myth and Reality" exhibition at Indus Gallery, Karachi
1992: Exhibition on minority, held at Chawkhandi Art Gallery, Karachi
1994: Exhibition "Black amongst Blacks" held at Lahore Art Gallery, Lahore
2004: Exhibition "Return to Sphinx" held at V.M. Art Gallery, Karachi
2007: Painted series on Lal Masjid
2007: Painted series on Supreme Court Crisis
2010: Painted series on War in Tribal Areas

"Battling with the demons of his own imagination, Nagori went to every Sphinx in places like Lahore, Sargodha, Kohat, Dacca, Chittagong, Kaptai, Rangamati and others. As far as I know these Sphinxes still stand there in one piece. Nagori has come back alive but deeply clawed and bloodied from within. For his own intellect is the one great Sphinx to which he is destined to return continually.
Today, he has emerged from the yellow and the ochre, only to plunge into the blue and the red. His blue is agonizingly serene, and his red tantalizingly dramatic. His canvases continue to be as disturbing as ever.
With a touch of Modigliani and a whiff from Ajanta Caves, Nagori follows Al-Ghazali, who in contradistinction to the Greeks' perception of sensual beauty, holds that a sixth sense, a sort of super sense, is responsible for the appreciation of beauty. Every great painter, every great artist and every lover of beauty possesses this sixth sense in its fullest degree which is the source not only of creation, but also of appreciation..."
"...His blue dips its fingers into green and his red burrows its head under mystery and suspense and drama, Nagori is about to discover himself, or maybe, discover the futility of his spiritual voyage."

Date of Birth: 1938-01-01 in Junagarh,, Sorath..

Qualification: 1965: M.A. Fine Arts (Painting). University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Workshops Conducted:


  • A. R. Nagory, 18 x 14 Inch, Charcoal on Paper, Figurative

    Code: A. R. Nagory, 02

  • A. R. Nagory, 18 x 30 Inch, Oil on Canvas, Figurative Painting,

    Code: A. R. Nagory, 01