Anjum Ayaz

1970 Graduated in Fine Arts, Pakistan
1969 - 1971 Work with painter Sadequien on Calligraphic paintings. Pakistan
Selected commissions, solo and mixed exhibitions.
2018 Solo exhibition. Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney
2017 The Belt and Road, 2017 Qingdao Invitational Sculpture Exhibition
2016 Open Space sculpture. Rockdale, Sydney
2015 Sculpture monument and mural. DHA Central Library, Karachi, Pakistan
'New dimension of Indus Bull'. Momart Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2014 Calligraphy sculpture. Pakistan Embassy, Berlin, Germany
2013 Pakistan Exhibition, Pakistan day (March 23) UNSW. Sydney
2012 Sculpture exhibition. Cultural Centre, Singapore
2011 Tribute to three Masters: Faiz, Manto and Sadeqien. Karachi, Pakistan
2010 13 sculptures and calligraphic work. Creek View Park Karachi, Pakistan
2009 Sculpture exhibition. Kunst In de Polder, Amsterdam
Sculpture exhibition. Art Scene Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2008 Sculpture exhibition. Pakistan Art Gallery, Islamabad
Installation of 22mt sculpture. Karachi Port Trust flyover, Karachi
2007 ‘Waiting’ Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Sydney
Sculpture exhibition. Embassy of Pakistan, The Hague, The Netherlands
Large sculpture installed at Schon Circle, Karachi, Pakistan
2006 Sculpture exhibition. PSO Park, Pakistan
2004 13 sculptures, permanent installation. Sea View Beach, Karachi, Pakistan
2003 Sculpture monument and stone calligraphy. Surgodha Base PAF School.
2002 China International Sculpture Exhibition and Symposium, Beijing.
Stone Sculpture exhibition. Al-Ghurrair Centre, Dubai - UAE.
Stone Sculpture exhibition. Art Council of Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan
2001 Commissioned mural ‘Pakistan’ at Expo Centre, Karachi.
1999 Sculpture Knitework Korangi, Karachi, Pakistan
1998 Open Air Sculpture Exhibition. National Art Gallery Islamabad.
Open Air Sculpture Exhibition. Shakir Ali Museum, Lahore.
Open Air Sculpture Exhibition. Bage-e-Jinnah, Friar Hall Karachi,
1995 - 1997 Sculpture commissions:
Suparco HQ. University Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
Sherpao Bridge and Fortress Stadium, Lahore.
Prime Minister. Secretariat Islamabad, Pakistan
Pakistan National, Council of Art, Islamabad.
Azabu shopping area, Tokyo.

1994 Solo exhibition. Pakistan Mission to United Nation New York, USA.
High Relief in bronze of Squash Champions Jansher Khan & Jehangir Khan. Defence Squash Complex, Karachi, Pakistan
1993 3mt. sculpture ‘Peace Tree’. Shaheed-e-millat Road, Pakistan.
Pakistan Pavilion Designed & erected at World Expo. Taejon, South Korea.
1993 Solo exhibition. Chukundi Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.
1992 7mt. mural at Pfizer Laboratories Head office, Karachi, Pakistan.
1990 Solo exhibition. Arts Council, Karachi, Pakistan.
1989 Tokyo Fair, Tokyo, Japan.
1981 National Exhibition. Islamabad. Pakistan.
Solo exhibition. Goethe Institute, Lahore, Pakistan.
1980 Solo exhibition. Ateller BM, Karachi, Pakistan.
1978 Solo exhibition. Rue De Lord, Byran, Paris, France
1977 Arts Council, Karachi, Pakistan
1975 "Man & His work". Montreal, Canada
Arts Council, Karachi, Pakistan
Artist Statement: “Whatever there is, or there is to be-it is there to see, to touch, to taste, to smell, to hear, to feel, to imagine. Or to see visions about. Whatever there is or there is to be-the crux is the form-which seeks dimensions in the transient process.
How to grasp it, comprehend it-the challenge evoked this search, exploration. To me form is perpetually kinetic in terms of refraction of retina acting as medium.
To me constant is stagnation. Movement makes meaning pragmatic, change opens up new horizons. Form is a complete entity, pregnant with meaning, touching the orbits of totality. It ultimately leads towards the finality of its meaning.
After my exhibition in Paris (1978) things have changed a lot, things are ever changing: internal pressures, external pulls are so pressing that to me form has become the final reality-an experience which took so long to crystallize into ultimate realization of truth.
Experimentation is a constant probe-with countless probable possibilities-let me see what happens next.”

Date of Birth: 1953-01-01 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Qualification: 1970 Graduated in Fine Arts, Pakistan 1969 - 1971 Work with painter Sadequien on Calligraphic paintings.

Workshops Conducted: