Rizwan Ali

Rizwan Ali is a Visual artist, Lives and works in Lahore.
Ali holds Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts Major (Miniature painting) from NCBA&E in 2014. His ambition to explore art connected him to National College of Arts in 2015 for Diploma in Traditional Arts. Though trained in the pure Mughal technique, he does not consider himself as a Miniature artist but lets his creative process flow through any medium he sees fit, being an avid believer of the era of visual artists and not specialized ones.
He has exhibited his work in various shows nationally and internationally in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Dubai, Glasgow (Scotland) Istanbul (Turkey) and Venice (Italy) from 2015 till recent.

My recent body of work is based on art history portraying the comparison of east and west at the same time. I choose old master’s paintings and analyze the activities of east and west and re-evaluate both time periods in one frame to recall history. Using Mughal and western aesthetics I made a performative activity in my paintings. The whole series have a theatrical effect through the juxtaposition of figures with a new narrative.

Date of Birth: 2018-09-28 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts Major (Miniature painting) from NCBA&E in 2014

Workshops Conducted:


  • Rizwan Ali, Mix media on wasli, 12 x 19, Miniature painting

    Code: Rizwan Ali, 17