Adnan Baig

I grew up with a passion for colours. I believe that a painting should have close similarity to a musical symphony which is the most abstract form of art. It must communicate.
I did my post-graduation in Psychology from the Govt College University Lahore. This discipline taught me the whole thought process of expression. It taught me abstraction. I believe that calligraphy is the choreography of letters. Each letter has its own music. My job as a painter is to find out the correlation between rhythms, shapes, colours, voices, meanings, feelings and emotions.
I build something out of nothing through a combination of colours, texts & textures, materials, and cut up bits of a collage et al. Sometimes I draw on paper before painting on canvas whereas at others, I work intuitively. I set

Date of Birth: 1970-09-01 in lll, lll.

Qualification: lll

Workshops Conducted: