Ahmed Ejaz

Group Shows
2010 Calligraphy Competition Exhibition (NAG) 2010 Alhamra Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore
2010 Alhamra Art Council (young artist exhibition) 2009 National Art Gallery (NAG),Islamabad
2009 Alhamra Art Gallery,Lahore
2009 National Art Gallery (NAG),Islamabad
2008 Co-opera Art Gallery,Lahore
2008 Croweater’s Art Gallery, Lahore
2008 Alhamra Art Gallery,Lahore
2008 LUMS University, DHA, Lahore
2005 Calligraphic Art Exibition at LAC under the auspices of the
Council of Calligraphers, Pakistan 2004 Co-opera Art Gallery,Lahore

Date of Birth: 1976-04-01 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Qualification: I began to paint at the age of 10 took my first formal art training formal Alhamra Art council ,Calligraphy training from National School Of Arts, Lahore.Khurshed Alam Ghoar Kalm (Pride of Performance) trained me in the Art of Calligraphy First display of my Art work was in a Group show in Alhmra art Gallery ,Lahore 1994.

Workshops Conducted:


  • Ahmed Ejaz, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 32 inches

    Code: Ahmed Ejaz 04

  • Ahmed Ejaz, Oil on Canvas, 104 x 56 inches

    Code: Ahmed Ejaz 01