Ashraf Heera

1999, 1st International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Mashed – Iran.
2000, ICS. International Calligraphy Exhibition, Cairo- Egypt.
2000 to 2007, PCG.2nd ,3rd , 4th & 5th International Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore – Pakistan
2000, 2001, PNCA.5 th & 6 th National Calligraphy Exhibition, Islamabad – Pakistan
2002, PAC. National Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore- Pakistan.
2003, 2004, FAC. 1st & 2nd National Calligraphy Exhibition, Faisalabad – Pakistan.
2003, LM. & PCG. National Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore- Pakistan.
2005, 2nd International Exhibition of Calligraphy, London- England.
2006, 3rd International Calligraphy Exhibition, Malaysia.

2005, CAP. National Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore-Pakistan.
2000, 2001,2004, 3 time Participate in International Exhibition of art, Tokyo- Japan.
2006, Italy and Pakistan International Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore – Pakistan.
2005, & 2006. International Calligraphy Exhibition, Makkah – Saudi Arab.
2007, OIC.(IRCICA) international calligraphy exhibition, Islamabad – Pakistan.
2007, International Calligraphy Exhibition, Beijing –China.
2007, International Calligraphy Exhibition by city district government Karachi- Pakistan.
2007, PNCA national art and Calligraphy Exhibition, Islamabad-Pakistan.
2008, International Calligraphy Exhibition (Multaqi Kuwait) Kuwait,
2008, International Arabic Calligraphy Art Exhibition, Dubai – UAE.
2009, International Calligraphy Festival Algeirs-Algeria,
2009, International Quran Calligraphy Exhibition. Tehran-Iran.
2010, 4th International Biennial of the Art of Arabic calligraphy, Sharjah-UAE.
2010 International Exhibition of IRCICA 2010 winner calligraphy work, Abu Dhabi-UAE.
2010 6th International Besmellah Festival of Calligraphy Art. Tehran-Iran
2010 4th Beijing biennale of the international Art, Beijing-China.
And participated in many National and International Calligraphy Exhibitions, 1999 to 2010

Date of Birth: 1991-12-25 in ., Pakistan.

Qualification: Certified in Calligraphy by National College of Arts Lahore.2003, 6 year Diploma in calligraphy (kufi) by Gouhar Calligraphy Academy.2009, Ijaza in Calligraphy by Ustad Ahmed Zia Ibrahim.(Turkey & Saudi Areb) 2006. Ijaza in Calligraphy (Kufi) by Ustad Al-Mounji Ammar (Tunis) 2008. Ijaza in Calligraphy by Ustad Ghulam Rasool (Pakistan) 2008. Calligrapher, Illuminator, Visual & Miniature Artist. Photographer, Creator Designer,

Workshops Conducted: